Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Free printable bridal shower games

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Welcome to I love to play games at bridal showers and other parties but recently as I helped one of my friends with her Bridal Shower preparations, I realised that there are not many printable games available on the internet for Bridal Shower that are of good quality. There are sites full of ideas for bridal shower games and I found many interesting games that do not need any printable to play, such as making bridal dress with toilet paper role but the printable games with cute graphics were really expensive. So I decided to make this site with 35 free printable bridal shower games.

I have collected ideas from internet, researched and asked friends and made 35 free printable games that anyone can download and print using the printer at their home. These games are for Personal Use Only. I have created printables for classic games, such as Bridal Shower Bingo, He said, She said etc. and new and exciting games such as Who, When, Where, Why games. I have now included many new, modern and unique game as well, like what's in your phone and Emoji pictionary quiz. All the graphics on this site are original and created by me.I have created these game in 3 or 4 different color so you can pick and print these in a color that matches with your bridal shower party's theme most.

Here are a few tips to make playing these games easier for you

  • Print these games one or two days prior to the Bridal Shower Party.
  • Keep the number of guests in mind and print one or two extra game cards.
  • Prepare gifts and prizes for the guests in advance.
  • Get clipboard or something hard for each guest so they can play these printed games easily. Keep pens and pencils according to the number of guests.

I hope your bridal shower party will be memorable and your guests will have a lot of fun with these best and fun games.

Cheers, Maryam :)


35 free printable bridal shower games

35 free printable bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Bingo

A classic game of Bingo with 20 unique bingo cards and a callers checklist.

Bridal Shower Gift Bingo

Adorable Bingo game cards with beautiful grapgics,

Wedding A-Z game

How many wedding related words can your guests make with all the alphabets?

Bridal Shower Word Search

A classic game for all parties, this one is specially and beautifully designed for bridal shower.

Honey Do's game

A fun game in which bride-to-be will also get involved and enjoy.

Bridal Shower Raffle Tickets

Adorable raffle tickets. A fun door prize game.

Match the Celebrity Couple Game

A fun filled game that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Draw a Bride

A game that will fill your party with laughters,

He said, She said

Find out that among your guests who knows the brode and groom the best.

I love you, around the world game

How do you say 'I love you' in different languages? Let your guests guess.

What's in your Purse game

A fun filled game that is specially made for ladies.

Bridal Shower words of Wisdom

Share some words of wisdom with bride and groom-to-be.

A love story, Bridal Shower Game

A cute game that can be played in many different ways.

Name Wedding Related Items

How many wedding related items can your guests name and how quickly?

Pin the Moustache on Groom

A bridal shower version of this classic game that is enjoyed on all parties.

Pass the Parcel Rhyme Cards

Each guest will get a gift as she passes the parcel according to the hints given in rhyme.

Price is right, Bridal Shower Game

Guess the price of various household items and win a prize.

Why Do We Do That

Your guests will have to provide the reasons and logic behind various wedding traditions.

Finish the Bride's Phrase

The guests will have to read, what bride-to-be has in her mind.

Two Truths and a Lie

A fun game that will fill the party with laughter and joy.

What was Bride Wearing Game

Take test of the memory of your guests with this fun game.

Animal Mates Names Game

What are different animals called?

Bride's Description of Wedding Night

A game after which everyone will burst in to laughter, one of my favorites.

Match the Candy Name Game

A famous game in which you have to match names of different candies with wedding related words and phrases.

Match the Famous Couples

Everyone will know these couples. A fun and easy game.

Who, When, Where, Why Game

A new version of truth or dare game. A fun game for a close group of friends at bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Door Prize Game

A nice and sophisticated door prize game.

Memory with the Bride

Close friends of the bride-to-be will enjoy this game the most.

Bridal Shower Word Mining Game

How many words can your guests make using the letters given on this game.

Who Got the Groom?

Another fun filled door prize game.

What's in Your Phone?

A modern and new game idea. This game will be loved by your guests.

Emoji Pictionary Quiz

This is another very moderm game. Emoji Pictionary Quizzes are loved by everyone these days.

Name that Cake

Check the sweet tooth of your guests and see if they can name that cake.

Guess that Dress

What would bride be wearing on her big day. Who can design a dress that is closest to the real thing.

Recipe for a Happy Marriage Cards

Ask your guests to give bride some advice and share the perfect recipe for a happy marriage.