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Free Printable Match the Famous Couples Game

These are one of the most beautiful game cards that I have created for this site. Match the couple is a fun free printable game that your bridal shower party guests will enjoy for sure.The guests will have to match different very famous couples. The names of males with their female partners. Among these couples some are real and some are fictional. You can easily print this game using a home printer, either on card stock paper or any ordinary paper. You can also print these games using a black and white printer but trust me color will be more fun.

How to Play: Distribute match the couples game cards among your bridal shower party guests along with a pen and ask them to match the couple by joining the name of the famous male with the famous female. The person with most correct answers will be the winner. You can also assign a time limit to your guests to complete this game. Like ask them to complete it either in 3 minutes or 5 minutes. Here is solution for this game so you can check the answers of your guests.

free printable match the famous couple game

Match the Famous Couple Free Printable in Pink Color

Here is printable game card for match the famous couple game in pink color. This game's graphics are simple but elegant. Just click on the image on the left and then right click and save the bigger printable version.


match celebrity couples game

Match the Famous Couple Game

If light brown matches the theme of your bridal shower party more then save this game card to print it later for your bridal shower party guests. This is my most favorite color for this game.

free printable celebrity couple matching game in lilac

Match the Famous Couple Printable in Lilac Color

If Bride likes lilac color and you have chosen lilac color for your bridal shower party's theme then print this game card to play 'Match the Couple Game' on your bridal shower party.