Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

10 Modern and New Games for Bridal Shower

There are many bridal shower games which are trending in recent times. I have made a collection of some Modern and New Games that you can play at the Bridal Shower Party that you are arranging. There are many free printable games and also ideas for several games are shared below. You can play these games so the guests have a classy, fun and memorable time at your party.

Modern and New Games for Bridal Shower

Here are new games that you can play at the Bridal Shower.

1. Over or Under

Free Printable Over or Under Bridal Shower Game

Over or Under is a popular game these days. I have made printable cards for this game. There are several statements given on each game card. The guests will have to guess whether the number given in these statements is correct, over or under the real number or amounts.

2. Emoji Pictionary Quiz

Free Printable Bridal Shower Emoji Pictionary Quiz

Emoji Pictionary is like the classic game of pictioanry with a twist. This new game has also gotten really popular. I am sharing the bridal shower version for this game on this website that you can download and print.

3. Disney Love Songs Game

Free Printable Disney Love Songs Quiz

Test your guests if they can identify the song and tell which Disney movie has it been taken from.

4. What's on Your Phone?

Free Printable What's on Your Phone Bridal Shower Game

This new game is a modern version of the classic what's in your purse game. You can download the beautifully crafted printables for this game and play it at your bridal shower.

5. Bride's Honeymoon Packing List

Free Printable Bride's Honeymoon Packing List Game

This is a fun game for the bridal shower. The guests will have to guess what the bride-to-be will be taking on her honeymoon with us. This activity will also remind the bride about something important that she might be missing.

6. Bridal Shower words of Wisdom

Free Printable Bridal Shower Words of Wisdom Cards

You can call it a game and can also call it an activity. Everyone will have to share some words of wisdom with the bride-to-be and that will be a keepsake for her. You can download beautiful stationery from my website for this activity.

7. Memory with the Bride

Free Printable Memory with the Bride Game Cards

All the guests will have to share a funny, serious, or adventurous memory that they have with the bride-to-be. The bride-to-be will choose the most cherished memory.

8. Name that Cake

Free Printable Name that Cake Game for Bridal Shower

This is a simple and fun game. The ladies will have to guess the name of the cake with the help of the hints given at the card.

9. Date Night Jar

This activity will also prepare a keepsake for the bride-to-be. Get a beautiful jar and give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask the guests to share date night ideas for the new couple. Everytime the couple is out of ideas, they can pull out a card and get some new idea for having fun.

10. Don't Say Bride

You need to buy a lot of cute rings before the bridal shower party. Give each guest one blingy ring as they arive. Now tell them that they cannot use the word bride during the course of the party.

If someone overhears the other person saying the word 'Bride' they will take the ring from them. In the end the person with most number of rings will get a prize.