Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

10 Funny and Hilarious Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Showers are all about celebration and having fun. On this page I am sharing 10 extremely Funny and Hilarious Bridal Shower Games that will make your party memorable for everyone. These games are actually fun and suitable for adults and your guests will surely enjoy these games.

Funny and Hilarious Bridal Shower Games

Here is the list of Funny games that I have gathered for your Bridal Shower Party.

1. Bride's Description of Wedding Night

Stationery for Bride's Description of the Wedding Night Game

This is a hilarious game and everyone will surely have a lot of fun and laughs with this game. When the bride is opening the gifts, a guest should secretly note down all her reactions to the gifts. After the gift opening read all the reactions and comments back. This will give everyone a comical version of the bride's description and conversation with groom on their wedding night

2. Pin the Moustache on Groom

Free Printable Pin the Moustache on the Groom Game

This is a funny and amusing game and this is actually the bridal shower version of the popular pin the tale on the donkey game.

Blindfolded guests will try to pin the moustache on the picture of the groom and fill your party with a lot of laughter.

3. A love story, Bridal Shower Game

Write 10 wedding related words such as : wedding, bride, flowers etc. and 10 non wedding related words like hammer, bag, tree etc. and take print outs of this game according to the number of party guests and distribute these among them along with a pen or pencil. Ask the guests to create a love story using all the 20 words within 7-8 minutes and then each guest will read their story. This will crack up everyone. Bride-to-be will choose the winner.

4. Who, When, Where, Why Game

Free Printable Who, When, Where, Why Game

This is another funny game and the guests should bring out their sense of humor by forming silly, funny and slapstick questions that everyone will have to answer. You can read the detailed instructions by visiting the game's page.

5. Who Got the Groom?

This is an icebreaking game but it can be very very hilarious depending on the pictures that you use other than grooms. You can be as naughty and creative as possible in using different pictures and making it funny for everyone.

6. Wedding Etiquette 911

Free Printable Wedding Etiquette 911 Game Cards

This game can also get extremely hilarious as per the creativity of your guests. The idea is to ask you guests these questions about various situations and ask them that what should be the proper etiquette in that situation. The guests can get as silly as they want while sharing their response. Read the cards for everyone so everyone can have their fair share in adding the laughter.

7. Draw a Bride

Free Printable Draw a Bride Game

Download the stationery needed for this game from the page that I have shared above and play the blindfolded version of this game by following these instructions

Give each guest a pencil and printed sheet and blindfold each guest.

Ask the guests to first draw the face of the bride at the top of the page. Then ask them to draw the shoes of the bride at the bottom of the page. Next, they should draw a bouquet that the bride is holding. After that they should draw the dress of the bride. In the end, each guest should draw a veil on bride's head. After that every guest should remove the blindfolds and show case the result. The result will be hilarious.

8. Toilet Paper Bridal Dress Game

This is another extremely funny game that the guests will enjoy. You can read the detailed intructions for playing this game at You can also give the guests news papers to make the dress.

9. Pen a Poem

Just take a sheet of paper and pen and ask the first guest to write down a line of a romantic poem. The poem should be about the bride-to-be and the groom. After writing the line the guest should fold the paper and pass it to the next guest who cannot see what the first guest has written. Keep passing the paper to all the guests till a complete poem is written. In the end read it for everyone.

10. Wedding Vows Mad Libs for Bridal Shower

Help the bride-to-be with her nonsensical wedding vows with this absolutely hilarious bridal shower game. Yeah you are right, this wont truly help the bride with the vows but it will surely help her with laughs, good time and a memorable shower.