Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

Free Printable Draw a Bride Game

Bridal shower can be filled with joyful laughters if party guests get indulged in some fun filled game. On this page I am sharing game cards for Free Printable Draw a Bride Game. Here is an idea of a game that can be much fun and you can use this stationery that I have made for this game with your own terms and conditions in any creative way that you may like.

Free Printable Draw a Bride Game

How to Play: Give each of your party guests a piece of this free stationery for draw a bride game along with a pen or pencil. Now you can play it in many ways, like you can either ask the guests to draw a bride and then ask the bride-to-be to choose the best bride. Or you can make it more fun by asking the guests to put the paper over their heads and then draw a bride. Or put the paper at a distance from each guest so they have to lean to draw on it or put the paper in a way where they can draw on it but can not see it and at the end bride-to-be will select the best bride. You can play this game in any other creative way too that you personally think will be more fun.

Another fun way is to blindfold the guests and ask them to draw bride by following these instructions.

  1. Draw her face near the top of the page
  2. Now draw her shoes near the bottom of the page
  3. Draw her arms
  4. Now draw her dress
  5. Draw her legs
  6. Draw a bouquet in her hand
  7. Draw her veil
  8. Now open your blindfold and share what you have drawn 

Draw a Bride, Bridal Shower Game in Lilac

free printable draw a bride game in lilac color

This is free printable Draw a Bride Stationery design in lilac color. This is a beautiful design with image of a bride and butterflies. To save this image, right click on the image shared above and save the bigger image to your computer.

Draw a Bride Game in Pink Color

draw a bride game in pink

This is stationery design for Draw a Bride Game in Pink color. Just click on the image shared above and save the bigger image. Print it using your home printer if this matches your bridal shower party theme more.

Free Printable for Draw a Bride Game

draw a bride game's stationery

This is a very elegant piece of stationery to play draw a bride game.

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