Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

36 Free Printable Charade Cards for Bridal Shower

On this page I have gathered 36 free printable Charade Cards for Bridal Shower that have fun Charade ideas related to weddings and Bridal Showers. You can also use these cards to play pictionary. I have made cards that are related to wedding, wedding songs and wedding movies. I have made each set of cards in pink color and also in lilac color. I am also providing beautiful blank cards that you can print and fill up as per your needs.

Free Printable Bridal Shower Charade Cards

You can read the detailed instructions about playing Charades at Wiki How.

1. Bridal Shower Charades

Free Printable Bridal Shower Charades Cards

Can your guests mime to be a groom or a bride so their team mates can guess? Well use these fun Bridal Shower Charade cards to find out. There are words like



Wedding Ring

First Dance

and Cut the Cake. You can also use these cards to play the game of pictionary.

2. Wedding Songs Charades

Free Printable Wedding Songs Charades Cards

Wedding related words are too easy to guess, No? Well, then add excitement and fun to your bridal shower party with these wedding Songs charade cards. There are names of 9 wedding songs and some blank cards where you can add yours.

3. Wedding Movies Charades

Free Printable Wedding Movies Charades Cards

If the Charade cards that I have shared above are not enough then you can print these wedding movies charade cards. You can also print all the cards and mix all those up to make your charades game more challenging.

Bridal shower 101 also offers adorable free printable charade cards for bridal shower. This site also has fun category suggestions for bridal shower charades.