Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

14 Popular and Classic Games for Bridal Shower

On this page I am sharing 14 Popular and Classic Games for Bridal Shower party. These are such games which are evergreen and timeless. These are very popular games and people still love to play these at their parties. Some of these games require printable worksheets so I am offering free printables for those games as well. I have made printables for each games in 3 or 4 colors.

18 Popular and Classic Games for Bridal Shower

Here is the list of 14 Popular and Classic Games for Bridal Shower.

  1. Bridal Shower Word Scramble

    Free Printable Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game

    Word Scramble or word jumble is also a very popular game and this bridal shower version would be loved by your guests. There are 12 wedding related words that your guests will have to unscramble. You can download the free printable worksheets for this game from the page I have shared above.

  2. Honey Do's game

    Free Printable Bridal Shower Honey Do's Game

    Honey Do's game is another fun and popular bridal shower game. The guests will have to guess that whether a chore will be done by bride or groom-to-be in the future. I have made adorable printable sheets for this game that you can print by using a printer at your home.

  3. He said, She said

    Free Printable He Said, She Said Game

    This is an extremely popular bridal shower game that people love to play at bridal showers. You can play this game at co-ed wedding showers as well. You can ask the couple to fill up the card before the shower or they can fill it up right there with the other guests. I have made adorable free printables for this game that you can download.

  4. What's in your Purse game

    Free Printable What's in Your Purse Bridal Shower Game

    This is also a very very popular game. Purse Bingo is another version of this classic bridal shower game. This game can be played on hen's party or an all ladies bridal shower party. The guests will have to count the items in their purse to gain points.

  5. Pass the Parcel Rhyme Cards

    This is an entertaining, amusing and popular bridal shower game. Everyone has played one or the other version of the Pass the Parcel game. In this game the guests will have to follow a rhyme and pass the parcel accordingly.

  6. Would she rather

    Free Printable Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game

    'Would she rather' is another well-liked and popular game that is played on Bridal Showers. I am sharing beautiful printable cards for this fun game and the guests will have to guess that what the bride-to-be would rather choose.

  7. Price is right, Bridal Shower Game

    Free Printabel Price is Right Bridal Shower Game

    Price is right stands at number 7 in this list of popular and classic bridal shower games. In this game the guests will have to guess the prices of some common household items. The person whose guess is closest to the real amount wins.

  8. How well do you know the bride? Game

    Free Printable How Well Do You Know the Bride? Game

    'How well do you know the bride' is a classic game. The guests will have to guess bride-to-be's likes, dislikes and preferences. The person who knows the bide-to-be better will win.

  9. Bride and Groom Trivia

    Free Printable Bride and Groom Trivia Quiz

    Who doesn't like Trivia games? This bride and groom trivia quiz is perfect for co-ed showers where friend's of both the bride and the groom are getting together. I have made free printables for this game in 3 different colors.

  10. Who knows the groom best?

    Who knows the Groom Best? Free Printable Bridal Shower Game

    This is another very popular game for such showers where groom's friends are also present. You can also play it at such bridal showers where bride-to-be and groom have the same circle of friends so the bride-to-be's friends can also give answer's about the groom and his choices.

  11. Finish the Bride's Phrase

    Free Printable Finish Bride's Phrase Game

    Your guests don't have to be real mind readers to play this game but some good guesses will do. The person whose guesses matches to the answers that are given by the bride-to-be will win.

  12. Bridal Shower Taboo Game

    18 Free Printable Bridal Shower Taboo Game

    Taboo is also a really popular game for Bridal Showers and I have prepared 18 adorable free printable Taboo game cards for this game that you can download.

  13. Tied in Knots

    This is a fun active game. You need pieces of strings or ribbons cut in different sizes. You need lots and lots of strings. Now divide the players in pairs and ask them to tie the strings by knotting them together. The pair with the longest string in the end is the winner. You can also set a time limit for this game, like 8 minutes or 10 minutes and can play music in the background to add more excitement.

  14. Who am I?

    This game is another bridal shower party favorite. Collect the baby pictures of all the guests before the party and hang those on a string with pegs. Number each picture. When the party starts, point to pictures one by one and the guests will have to guess that whose baby picture is that.