Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

5 Active Games for Bridal Shower

On this page I am sharing such games that will require the players to move and be active. You can play these games indoors and outdoors both. These active games for bridal shower are entertaining for sure and the guests will really enjoy as these are filled withe excitement. These games are perfect for young and energetic participants.

Active Games for Bridal Shower

Here are some fun active games for your bridal shower party

1. Citrus Run

You will need a lemon and a spoon for each guest. Mark one side of the room starting point and the other turning point. The players can touch the lemon only with their spoons. They have to roll the lemon from the starting line to the turning point and then back again. The first person to get back to the starting line will win. You can also divide the players into teams to play this game.

2. Musical Chairs

This is an all time party favorite and you can have immense fun by playing this childhood favorite game at a bridal shower party. If you have never played musical chairs before, you can follow these easy instructions at wiki how to set up this game for your guests.

3. Blind Lady's Buff

This is a very old party game and this version is for bridal showers. Blindfold one player and ask that person to catch other participants who have staggered around the room. If the blindfolded player catches a person, she has to guess who that person is. If the guests don't know each other yet, then you can eliminate this part from the game. The person who get caught should switch the place with the blindfolded person.

4. Whack the Piniata

Piniata is not for young kids only. Fill up liquor in small plastic bottles and gather some other small adult items like keychains, cash, lottery tickets, crochet needles, washi tapes, etc. to fill up in the Piniata. The ladies will surely enjoy whacking it.

5. Pass the Orange

Divide the players into teams. Make them stand in a line. Give an orange to the first player and she has to pass it to the next without using her hands. You can play this game in two ways

1. The guests will have to hold the orange between their neck and chin.

2. The guests will have to hold the orange between their ankles.

This is a hard and silly game but will make everyone laugh.