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7 Fun Drinking Games for Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

It is fun to get a little tipsy when you are having fun with a bunch of your friends. On this page I am sharing 7 Fun Drinking Games for Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. These hilarious games will jazz up the party. If you want a party with music, dance and a whole lot of fun then these games are perfect for your bridal shower, hen's party or bachelorette party.

Fun Drinking Games for Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

Here are the drinking games that I have collected for you. Cheers!

1. Truth or Drink

If you have played the Truth or Dare game before then this is really easy for you to understand this game. Make the players sit in a circle and either spin a bottle or get a spinner and use that. The chosen player will be asked a Truth question that they either have to answer or take a shot. The questions can be embarrasing or hard. You can read the detailed instructions for playing this game here.

2. Drink If

Drink if is another very popular drinking game and I am sharing a Bridal Shower version of this game. I have made free printable prompts for this game and this fun game will give all the guests a reason to drink.

3. Who makes the Best Cocktail?

Who makes the best cocktail, bridal shower game

To play this game, you need to set a bar prior to your party. Ask the guests who want to participate in this game to prepare a Cocktail of their choice. A panel of judges will decide the best Cocktail and the player will win a prize.

4. Guess the Drink

This is a fun Blindfolded game that will give your guests a chance to drink different types of beverages. Before your bridal shower party, gather different types of non achoholic beverages like coffee, juice, water, cocacola and many different alchoholic beverages like wine, cocktails and shots. Blindfold the guests and offer them all the drinks one by one and they have to guess the name of the drink. The person with most correct guesses will win.

5. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a very popular drinking game and you can definitely play it at your bridal shower party as well. You need a big table and the players dividied into two teams. Fill up 6 glasses half way with the liquor of your choice and stack those up in a triangle. Each team will try to toss a ping pong ball in the glass of the opponent and the players from that team will have to drink from that glass if the thrower is able to drop a ball in a glass. You can read the detailed instructions for playing this game at Wiki How.

6. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another fun drinking game that you can play at your Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party. Give each person a drink or provide lots of shots for them. Now players will take turns and share a fact about something they have never done. They have to use the prefix 'Never have I ever' befor sharing each statement. Like, Never have I ever skipped the school. Now those who have done this should take a sip from their drinks or take a shot. The guests can share funny, dirty or serious statements as per their choice. The host can also ask them never have I ever questions and they have to drink accordingly. Oprah daily have shared some fun never have I ever questions that you can use. also offers 250 never have I ever questions.

7. Love Songs Drinking Game

This game is simple and give everyone a chance to drink for the sake of it. Just play some love songs and each guest will have to take a sip from their drinks when the word 'love' is said.