Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

11 Blindfolded Games for Bridal Shower

On this page, I am sharing such games that you need a blindfold for. These 11 blindfolded bridal shower games are active fun and hilarious. I am sharing free printable games and also sharing ideas for some fun and interesting games that don't need printables. Blindfolded games are fun to play when the number of guests is 10 or more.

These games are perfect for a party of young and active people who like to move a bit on the Bridal Shower.

10 Blindfolded Games for Bridal Shower

Here are the bridal shower blindfolded games and ideas.

1. The missing Guest

You only need a blindfold for this game and a lot of guests. Ask the guests to stand in a circle, choose a person and that person should stand in the middle. Ask that player to memorise all the people who are present there and then blindfold that person. After that person is blindfolded, one guest should quietly sneak out. The blindfold will be removed and that person will be asked to identify the missing guest. If the guests don't know the names of each other, the chosen player should describe the person who is no more present in the room. If the chosen player's guess is correct, he or she will get a prize.

2. Pin the Moustache on Groom

Free Printable Pin the Moustache on the Groom Game

This game is the bridal shower version of the famous pin the tail on the donkey game. You can visit the page that I have shared above and can download the moustaches in the color of your choice. The blindfolded guests will have to pin the moustache on the picture of the groom in turns and trust me that this hilarious game will fill up your bridal shower party with laughters and fun.

3. Pin the Kiss on the Groom

The website My Party Games shares another vesion of the game that I have shared above and this version is pin the Kiss on the Groom game. Blindfolded guests will have to pin a kiss on the picture of the groom.

4. Pin the Bow Tie on the Groom

The guests can also pin a Bow tie on the groom. You can download the printable bow ties for this game from the link that I have shared above.

5. Pin the Bouquet on the Bride

Everything shouldn't be pinned on the Groom only, right? That is why here is another version of this blindfolded game, this is pin the bouquet on the bride and you can download the printables that are required for this game from the link that I have shared above.

6. Draw a Bride

Download the stationery needed for this game from the page that I have shared above and play the blindfolded version of this game by following these instructions

Give each guest a pencil and printed sheet and blindfold each guest.

Ask the guests to first draw the face of the bride at the top of the page. Then ask them to draw the shoes of the bride at the bottom of the page. Next, they should draw a bouquet that the bride is holding. After that they should draw the dress of the bride. In the end, each guest should draw a veil on bride's head. After that every guest should remove the blindfolds and show case the result. The result will be hilarious.

7. Get Dressed Blindfold

This website shares a hilarious blindfold game idea for bridal showers. The guests will have to get dressed up while wearing a blindfold. They should be provided a suitcase that is filled with different clothing articles. You can read the detailed instructions on this website.

8. Blind Lady's Buff

This is a very old party game and this version is for bridal showers. Blindfold one player and ask that person to catch other participants who have staggered around the room. If the blindfolded player catches a person, she has to guess who that person is. If the guests don't know each other yet, then you can eliminate this part from the game. The person who get caught should switch the place with the blindfolded person.

9. Blindfolded Socks

This is another hilarious game for Bridal Shower parties. You have to arrange gardening gloves or oven mitts for each player, a huge pile of socks and a blindfold for each guest prior to the game. Ask the blindfolded guests to sit in a circle, put the thick gloves on and then locate and wear socks from the huge pile of socks. They players have to put on as many socks as they can in an assigned time limit. The person with the maximum numbers of socks on will be the winner. You can also replace the socks with panty hose if you want. In that case one pair per guest will be enough.

10. Candy Hunt

This game is simple yet fun. Give each guest a bag or basket and blindfold all of them. Scatter candies around the room and ask the guests to search for those candies. The person who has collected the most number of candies will win.

11. Guess the Flower

This is a sweet and fun game as the name suggests but you have to do a little prep. prior to the party for it. Collect 10-12 different flowers, blindfold the guests and ask them to name the flower only by smelling the aroma. The person with most correct guesses is the winner.